Professional Services

We offer a full range of legal services to both corporate and individual clients, including:

Property Related Transaction

Our team has extensive experience in property law, and in particular working as an effective team to advise clients on the negotiation and documentation for all real property, real estate management, sale and purchase for commercial, industrial and residential real estate and building management matters.

•     Conveyancing
Sale of land
Property Mortgage / Refinancing
Redemption of Mortgage
Checking/ Examination of the title of deeds
Enquiry regarding ownership
Deed Drafting
Conclusion of lease agreements
Preparing title report

China Attesting Services

Our founding partners Mr. Horace Cheung JP and Mr. Stanley Yeung are China Appointed Attesting Officers appointed by the PRC Judiciary to prepare and attest documents for our clients’ use in the Mainland China.

•     Statement of marital relationship (marriage)
Declaration for estate succession or renunciation of rights over assets in the Mainland China
Declaration for child adoption
Declaration for the application for immigration or visits to Hong Kong for the family members of Hong Kong residents
Power of attorney
Property transaction documents e.g. mortgage or charge
Deed of gift
Conclusion of lease agreements
Preparing title report

•     Certificate of company particulars (status)
Certificate of board resolution
Letter of Certification for Hong Kong enterprises
Property transaction documents e.g. mortgage and charge
CEPA Certificate
Documents used for commercial activities

Family & Matrimonial Causes

Our firm provides comprehensive services in advising clients including legal aided clients dealing with all matrimonial and family matters. We understand the negative impacts that may emerge in the divorce process. Therefore, we will provide appropriate advice to solve the problems and speed up the process of application, which hopefully will reduce the time of suffering from divorce.

•     Preparing separation agreements
Preparing documents for the whole divorce proceedings on different grounds of petition
ealing with custody of children
Dealing with the issue of alimony
Dealing with property distribution
Applying for an injunction

Will & Probate

Our firm provides comprehensive services in advising clients on their will and probate matters as well as trust arrangement for different purpose.

•     Drafting and advising on will
Handling matters relating to the grant of probate and administration of deceased's estates
Advising on matters relating to Deed of Family Arrangement
Advising on distribution of deceased's estates
Dealing with property distribution
Setting up Family Trust and related services

Corporate & Commercial Legal Services

We provide comprehensive consultation and services on corporate and commercial matters.

•     Drafting business agreement
Company setting up/Company restructure
Annual Retainer
Arbitration and Litigation